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Commercial & Residential Maintenance and Repairs Contracts

Many condo associations choose to hire a maintenance company rather than keeping in-house workers on the payroll. Not every association is the same, but the majority are finding the ease of outsourcing their building maintenance to be right for them.

Larger condo developments may indeed be better off hiring a few in-house staff members who can attend to the units at all times. However, they will need to be paid wages and benefits, as well as require management and oversight.

The beauty of a condo maintenance company is that it takes most of the load off. Outsourcing to a company like ours saves associations the time and money it takes to maintain the common areas. It also means associations do not need to deal with personnel issues such as HR, management, benefits, worker's comp, and so on.

Managing condo maintenance as well as the fees that enable it can be challenging. Condo board members likely have other, more important issues to focus on. 

If you are a smaller condo association looking for the right maintenance company, please consider Handyman Slade, LLC. 

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Hurricane Shutter Installation and Preparedness

We provide our clients with custom hurricane preparedness solutions to protect life's biggest investment - your home!  We also clear patios and balconies for absentee owners. Storm preparedness is serious business and we have 10 years of experience helping Floridians prep for hurricanes. We strongly encourage you to contact us early in the planning stages, so we can help you time your project before the season gets busy and lead times increase. 

Our range of services include installing hurricane shutters, cutting shutters to size, cutting and mounting rails, and critical hurricane preparedness steps such as clearing the property of potential projectiles and flying hazards.

We also secure, organize, and help label the panels for easy access prior to the onset of a storm. 

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Fence Building

We are experienced fence, trellis and deck builders. Whether you need repairs, replacement or a new wooden, chain-link, PVC, or aluminum fence, trellis or deck; we would like to help you build it.  We are also able to assist with attaining the correct permits and with material acquisition.

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Kitchen and Bath Renovations


Planning is king in any undertaking and, therefore, a vital preliminary step as you revamp your home.  Let us help you plan your kitchen or bathroom remodeling project. We will work out a timeline of tasks so that you can evaluate the progress along the way. 


After we visit the site and talk to you about the scope of your remodeling project, we will provide a good faith estimate of the labor costs in a written quote. We will also be active in the acquisition of materials, placing orders and organizing deliveries, while staying within the client's budget.

Existing design

We will work with you to get the most out of the existing design of the space and help determine how best to improve it. Alternatively, we can seek new plans to make your space better than it was.


The kitchen and bathroom areas are among those that must be well lit in a home. Before the refurbishing process is initiated, we can discuss lighting plans and fixtures that you would love to see in your home. Compare this against your budget and make an informed decision.


Our services included demo, debris removal, drywall work, tile work, cabinet install and cabinet painting, sink replacement, vanity installs, countertops, molding and baseboards, and complete kitchen and bathroom renovation projects.

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Pressure Washing

There are many benefits to pressure washing your home!

Pressure washing helps prevent future damage. If not treated, mold and grime can be a detriment to the siding of your house as it sits for an extended period of time. Mold starts to gather and eats away at your house’s paint while it creeps its way into the cracks and slits it can find in your house’s siding. Taking a pressure washer to it after each winter will give it the cleaning it needs to avoid mold from growing. All homes need a good cleaning with some force behind it every now and then.


Pressure washing is a price-friendly alternative to having to repaint your entire home due to the amount of dirt it’s collected. Not to mention, when repainting your house, Pressure washing is always the first step to the process!

Pressure washing your house will help your home keep its curb appeal which keeps the integrity of its value intact. The exterior of your house is the first impression of any future real estate agent or a potential buyer, and will certainly improve that first impression.

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Doors and Cabinets

Your doors are critical components of your home’s functionality and beauty. If you aren’t happy with their look, or if they are broken in some way, it is a letdown every time you have to use them. It's important to have old doors replaced when they begin to deteriorate. Our interior and exterior door installation services can improve the curb appeal and value of your home while also saving you energy by having functioning doors that fit properly.

We install all kinds of doors, such as:

We can also help with repairs for example:

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Professional Painting

Our Commercial and Residential Painting Services:


Our commercial painting services include almost any type of property, in practically any industry. Our commercial painters can complete any job from small fast food venues to warehouses, and everything in between. Commercial painting services include both interior and exterior painting. We provide painting services for:


When our professional team paints a home’s exterior, we pay attention to the details. We take pride in our work, thoroughness and accountability are our trademarks. 

Here is a brief overview of our process:

Consultation – We gladly offer input and advice regarding the finish and type of paint that should be used, including painting samples. We’re paint experts with national partnerships with leading brands like Sherwin-Williams. This sets us above the rest because we can help you find the perfect paint for your home.

Protection – Your home will look better after we’ve finished it, not worse! We protect all plants, furniture, and grills with drop cloths or plastic coverings. It’s also important to keep paint where it belongs, so we work with you to close all the windows and storm windows, or we’ll find an alternative arrangement.

Prepare the surface for painting – Our job is not just about painting your home; we’re here to make sure your home keeps looking great, year after year. We take special precautions to prepare the surface of your house to protect your investment in painting the exterior of your home. These are just a couple of the ways we prep your home:

Remove dirt and mildew – We use a biodegradable detergent or bleach depending on the extent of the mildew. Drying time varies.

Create an optimal surface for adherence – New paint needs to have a smooth surface to adhere to. We scrape and sand away any peeling or flaking paint. We also spot prime, caulk, and putty as needed.

Evaluate rotten or broken wood – If there is wood that needs to be replaced or repaired, we work with you to arrange this.

Nail any loose ends – Loose boards, moldings, and protruding nails get the finishing touches.

Window prep: We make sure your windows are protected during the painting process, including potentially removing the windows and screens, if necessary. This might incur additional costs. All removed items (downspouts, storm windows, shutters, etc.) will be replaced at the end of the project.

Paint, the right way: We apply all coats of paint, including a finishing coat, following safety guidelines to protect your home and our workers.

Final inspection: We not only conduct our own inspection, but we also invite you to do a final walk-around to answer any final questions or requests.


Of course we offer painting services to the house and condo owners as well, with the same level of quality and service one would expect from a commercial contract. We are quick, we work neatly, and we will leave your home looking fabulous in its new colors. Here's what we offer:



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Light Electrical and Plumbing

You might need a Master Electrician for major wiring jobs, but for small electrical repairs, you can hire a handyman. We fix small issues like ceiling fans, light switches, dimers and household lighting fixtures. We even install Holiday Lights! 

Light plumbing also includes replacing Faucets, Toilets, Kitchen Disposals, Water Filters, French Drains, and replacing sprinkler heads.  Major plumbing issues require a Master Plumber. 

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Fans and Minor Appliances

We install all types of fans, even control remote ones, minor appliances, fixtures like bathroom vents, and TV's, throughout your business, home, or patio. 

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Drywall Installation & Repairs

Drywall damage is a common problem for many homeowners and one that can be tricky to fix on your own. It is a meticulous repair that requires time and attention to detail. If not properly taken care of, it can result in an uneven and unappealing appearance or worse, structural damage to your walls. We have the necessary experience to repair your drywall, delivering impeccable results quickly. 

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Tile and Backsplash

Replacing outdated backsplash tile is a sure way to give the biggest possible facelift to a kitchen or bath for the least amount of money spent.

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